New Kiln Construction

During this past week 16-22 September 2019 I have been building a new kiln based on a catenary arch design with the help of Gyan Daniel Wall.

The kiln is constructed with firebricks on the hot face backed up by commons and insulating bricks. The arch is double brick construction with back-up fibre insulation, a covering of chicken wire before an adobe ‘cob’ style mud covering.

A fire grate has been installed so as to keep the hardwood suspended while burning.

My thoughts behind this kiln is that I wish to obtain soft quite glazed surfaces from the back of the kiln while those on the hotface will be subjected to direct flame and ash. I am anticipating on firing for 30+ hours depending on stack and wood.

Completed catenary arch kiln

Completed catenary arch kiln


Anagama Firing August 2019

On the back of the Australian Ceramcis Open Studio I fired up my anagama with the help of my daughter Elise and friend Jae. We fired the kiln 72 hours and my oh my what beautiful surfaces did we receive. Had good temperature and plenty of ash moving throughout the kiln.

Australian Ceramics Open Studio 2019

My workshop has been established for over 32 years. I have a great interest in using local materials in clay bodies and glazes of which I make on the premises. My main area of focus is the production of tableware as well as one-off signature pieces. Prices ranging $15 upwards. Visitors will be able to view a production workshop in full swing and hear about the processes.
I have two woodfired kilns which produce different results.
Please come along, view the works on hand and have a cuppa and a chat.

Feel welcome to give me a call 0417 678 589 or email for further information.

Australian Ceramics Open Studio 2019 .png

End of an era - Bourry Box

I am currently in the process of pulling down my bourry box kiln which has been part of my studio life for the past 32 years. It has had many facelifts and produced some beautiful pots with soft subtle surfaces. I initially salt glazed in this kiln and then over the years decreased the amount of salt introduced. Each time the kiln was fired the residue salt would re vaporise and create beautiful flashing. I have found this kiln to be particularly good for tableware as the works were protected from the direct flame which is somewhat different to my anagama. I am now considering my next kiln to build….stay tuned.

Anagama Firing 2019

I have recently fired my anagama aka ‘Minkie’. I took 4 days to pack the kiln and then fired her for 70 hours. Slow at first on the floor then moving to stoking through the main door into the firebox. The firing progressed well although there was a period when she stalled due to carbon cobwebs….this is caused by heavy reduction or too generous stoking…this problem was eliminated by stopping stoking all together, leaving the door closed, opening secondary air holes and mouse hole under the ember bed.

The kiln will take several days to cool and then the unpacking begins. Stay tuned for new works.

Christmas studio sale

I’m thrilled to invite you to my annual Christmas studio sale on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December. I’ll have plates, bowls, drinking vessels, vases and my large landscape platters for sale — all from recent firings in the bourry box and anagama kilns. Cash and card accepted. I look forward to seeing you on the day.

Saturday 1st Dec - 10am - 4pm
Sunday 2nd Dec - 10am - 2pm

Map details here.

JK christmas open day 2018.png



I am happy to announce that I will be taking part in this Australia wide event for the 4th consecutive year!

Saturday 19 August 10am-4pm and Sunday 20 August 10am-2pm

'This is an inspiring opportunity for the broader community to step inside the creative spaces of contemporary potters and ceramicists.  It's a chance to experience the wonders of this luscious material and the skilled artisans who develop their unique voice within this ancient practice.' says 'Shannon Garson, President of The Australian Ceramics Association.'

Come along, bring your friends and experience the wonders of this unique practice.

Christmas Open Studio Sale 2016

I will be opening my studio workspace on the weekend of 3rd and 4th December from 10.00am - 4.00pm. Visitors are welcome to view the kilns, see my production workshop, talk clay and purchase from my 2016 collection.

Directions: drive 1km along the Crescent Head Road, turn right into Pattersons Lane, turn left into Lily Lane once under the underpass then follow the flags.

I look forward to seeing you.

Australian Ceramics Open Studio

Over the weekend of August 20 and 21 I will be taking part in the Australian Ceramics Open Studios. My work space will be open to the public where you will be able to view a fully operational ceramics studio.

Please come along to view works in progress, kilns, enjoy a cuppa and a chat.  There will be a comprehensive selection of works for you to view and purchase.

Hours are Saturday 20 August 10am-4pm Sunday 10am-2pm